Shakira builds a wall in her house to avoid seeing her in-laws

A cement mixer arriving at Shakira’s house on Monday. – Europa Press

Shakira, who has become the star of the moment for the song full of dardazos that she dedicates to Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía, has left aside the discretion that has marked each of her steps since she announced her separation from the ex-football player last June, and now she is not cutting herself off!

So, after lashing out against her ex and his current girlfriend in her ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ – which is breaking all records with 133 million views on YouTube in just 5 days – Shakira has decided to make clear the bad feeling she has with the Blaugrana’s parents, Joan Piqué and Monsterrat Bernabeu; and not only by naming her ‘mother-in-law’ in her devastating song to the rhythm of ‘You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law, with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury’, but also by taking action.

And far from continuing to pretend that her relationship with her former in-laws is cordial, the Colombian has revealed with her attitude that there is anything but good vibes with the grandparents of her children. First, placing a life-size witch on her balcony overlooking the house of Joan Pique and Montserrat Bernabeu; in theory a ‘declaration of war’ to her beloved mother-in-law for having failed her by supporting Gerard in his new relationship with Clara Chia.

Secondly, ‘bittering’ them Sunday celebrating a big party with friends and some fans to celebrate in style the success of her latest musical release. A ‘sarao’ in which he did not hesitate to play her trilogy of revenge against Piqué – ‘Te felicito’, ‘Monotonía’ and ‘Session 53’ – at full volume until well into the early hours of the morning, even leaning out on her balcony to greet the press and onlookers who crowded at the doors of the mansion he once shared with the ex-footballer.

And finally, raising a wall (literally) to put more distance with her ex-in-laws. A work to separate both residences – connected by some common areas such as the garden – that she has decided to do now after her departure to Miami has been postponed without a date due to the delicate health of her father.

Thus, this Monday we saw a concrete mixer arrive at Shakira’s house to build a high wall to prevent a ‘meeting’ by chance with Joan Piqué and Montserrat Bernabeu, with whom nothing remains of the complicity that the singer boasted until her separation from Gerard.